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Liz Jones

Meet Chrisa our chosen charity

Please watch this video to see how critical the work is but also how happy the dogs are, 

check out those waggy pups when they see Chrisa , they have love and full bellies  

but we need to get them warm and dry for winter​, help with ongoing medical care and food 


About the Charity

When Chrisa Ntinou was 15, she saw a man throwing newborn puppies into a bin. Shocked, she rescued them, found their mum and raised them herself. Once the puppies were old enough, she re-homed them, but she kept coming across animals in need and so Chrisa's Stray Rescue was born. Now 25, Chrisa has 150 dogs at her shelter in Trikala, Greece, as well as cats and kittens.

Chrisa works hard, along with her supportive partner, to re-home the dogs after they have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. She does everything from feeding, to medical care, to home checks herself.

Earlier this year Trikala was hit by a flood, which almost destroyed Chrisa's shelter. She has used donations to buy temporary dog houses to keep the animals safe, but with winter approaching this is no longer enough. Your donations will help buy the materials she needs to reconstruct her shelter and ensure her rescue animals have somewhere warm and dry to sleep this winter, as well as food, bedding, toys and vet bills.

Follow Chrisa  @GrStrays on Twitter