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Liz Jones

  Liz Jones's Diary - The Podcast!

Liz has seen the light! Men are just a nuisance and spending time with women is so much better! After all who wants boring birthday sex! We talk about Love Island and Liz goes back to her Memoir; Girl least likely to, and revisits when she had her surgical breast reduction. 

We have some uplifting news, and we see how Teamwork for animals can make such a difference as Animal Rescue Kefalonia looks forward to a much-needed delivery.  Nic is planing another auction to raise money so get ready to bid and donate! this time for Cairo Animal Rescue Team who desperately need our help to feed their animals who are literally starving due to the effects of COVID in Eygpt

Please go to the Charity page for the projects we are working on and help, donate and share if you can!! 

Lastly, Nic is taking Mummy Bebb to see Tom Jones and is a bit worried that she will throw her knickers (or herself) at him! 

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